BRAIN Tsunamis

The "brain tsunamis" are essentially enormous depolarizations of a vast number of brain cells. Tsunamis caused by natural disasters are similar to weather-related tsunamis.

these large waves of depolarisations spread slowly but persistently throughout the brain, causing widespread brain dysfunction

This potentially reversible spreading wave begins 2 to 5 minutes after the onset of severe ischemia, signalling the start of a toxic intraneuronal alteration that eventually harm.

When treating a drowned 2-year-old girl, experts in the United States revealed the first documented case of brain injury reversal. After failing to respond to anything,

While this research can help patients who are suffering from or at risk of brain injury or death as a result of cerebral ischemia or even potential strokes.

Our findings imply that after circulatory stoppage and the termination of spontaneous brain activity, this occurs with some physiologic heterogeneity.