Elizabeth Holmes, the former chief executive of the once high-flying biotech startup Theranos, was found guilty on four counts of defrauding the company's investors.

She was found not guilty on four counts of committing fraud against patients. They jury could not reach a unanimous decision on three charges.

When the verdict was read, the court was eerily quiet. Holmes, who sat masked in the courtroom, had no visible reaction. She later hugged members of her family in the front row of the court.

Holmes, who is 37 years old, could face up to 20 years in prison, although legal experts say her sentence is likely to be less than that.

Over 30 witnesses were summoned by prosecutors during the nearly four-month federal trial in San Jose, Calif.

The government claimed that when Theranos' technology failed, Holmes covered it up and continued to insist that the devices would revolutionise how diseases are identified through blood testing.

The jury found Holmes guilty of cheating Theranos investors in particular. The jury, on the other hand, did not find her guilty of defrauding patients.

On four counts of fraud against patients, she was found not guilty. On three accusations, the jury was unable to reach a unanimous conclusion.