lawn Estabishment

Turf or lawn grasses vary by area, depending on soil and climatic circumstances. Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) is commonly used for lawns

This grass is indigenous to the Indo-Pakistan region. It thrives in full sun and high temperatures in the summer, but not in the shadow. Bermuda grass is drought and heat tolerant,

A beautiful lawn is a gift; it brings joy and delight to the eyes. For the establishment of a new lawn, three things are required. It should be planted on good, fertile soil

The ground that will be planted as a lawn should be properly dug up or severely ploughed several times before being planted

Seeding, sprigging, plugs, and sodding are all options for planting lawn grasses. Sprigging is the most cost-effective process.

How to establish lawn?

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A lawn is frequently the focal point of a garden.