New year in USA

The last day of the year in the United States is New Year's Eve, which falls on December 31. It's a big social event, therefore there are a lot of parties, especially in the evenings.

In Louisiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, New Year's Eve is a public holiday, and schools and most businesses are closed.


To commemorate the forthcoming New Year, many individuals host parties at their homes or attend special events. Thousands of people frequently attend these events.

A variety of cities and towns across the United States hold their own variations of the ball drop. During the last minute of the year, a variety of things are lowered or raised.

Various live and modelled domestic and wild animals, fruit, vegetables, automobiles, industrial machinery, and peaches are examples of objects 'dropped' or lifted in this method.

The event is broadcast on television stations all around the United States and the world. Except during World War II, the tournament has been held every year since 1907.