Strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) have a place with Rosaceae family. This plant that is developed around the world

Strawberries mainly consist of water (91%) and carbohydrates (7.7%). They contain only minor amounts of fat (0.3%) and protein (0.7%).

Calories: 32 Water: 91% Protein: 0.7 grams Carbs: 7.7 grams Sugar: 4.9 grams Fiber: 2 grams Fat: 0.3 grams

Commonly, strawberries are proliferated from sprinter plants developed by enormous business cultivators. The offer of sprinter plants is as often as possible a sideline business

Organic product(fruit) is ordinarily prepared for gathering 4 a month and a half subsequent to blooming. We collect just completely red (ready) berries, and pick like clockwork

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