How Long Should I Keep My Dog Off New Sod

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If you’re getting ready to put fresh sod, it’s easy to forget about your dog. The main question is how long should I keep my dog off new sod? However, it’s also really significant! The first thing you may wonder is whether or not your dog can play on your new grass right away. A smart idea would be to keep them away from the sod until it has had time to settle in order to avoid damaging the freshly put grass. If you’re worried about how long should I keep my dog off new sod? this article may help.

Is it a good idea to keep my dog away from freshly laid turf?

New sod typically has short roots that stay near to the surface of the earth. This is why it’s a good idea to keep your dog away from the fresh sod while it’s still wet but how long should I keep my dog off new sod? Urine may also injure the new roots. As a consequence, it’s imperative that you keep your dog away from your new lawn.

How Long Should I Keep My Dog Off New Sod?

The main question is how long should I keep my dog off new sod? New sod shouldn’t be given to your dog until the roots have had time to fully grow. After two weeks, you should keep your dog away from a newly seeded area in order for the roots to develop strong. If you have adequate room on your lawn, you should keep your pet away from the new sod for at least a month or two.

How Long Should I Keep My Dog Off New Sod

Sod is just a piece of grass on a roll. Roots and biodegradable substances are both held in place by the grass. The roots begin to form as soon as the sod is laid down on the ground. Your dog should avoid the grass until its roots are more established.

As a result, the grass will not be able to grow as quickly as it normally would. A half-month to two-month period is required for the soil’s roots to be able to decompose the constituents in dog urine. Keep your pet away from the grass for at least two weeks. After reading this article you will get your answer on how long should I keep my dog off new sod.

Is new sod safe for dogs to walk or run on?

At first, the roots of the freshly planted sod seem to be fairly frail. Because of dog traffic, the root system will be weakened. The sod’s grass might potentially fall off if too much pressure is put on the weak roots.

As a result, dogs should avoid running or walking on newly laid sod for around a month.

Why is it a good idea to keep your dog away from newly laid sod?

Dogs should be kept away from your new lawn for a variety of reasons. Your dog’s paws or urine may wreak havoc on your recently placed sod. Here are a few reasons to keep your dog off of freshly laid turf. To avoid the following disadvantages we are discussing how long should I keep my dog off new sod? 

Dog faeces may harm the grass

If you let your dog go around on the fresh grass, it will inevitably defecate on it. There are a number of chemical compounds in dog faeces that include salt, nitrogen, ammonia, and more.

These chemical chemicals cannot be broken down by freshly planted sod roots. The grass and roots suffer harm as a consequence of the accumulation of these chemicals in dog urine.

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As long as you don’t allow your dog to pee in the new sod, the roots of your new sod can develop correctly.

The sod may be uprooted by a dog pawing at it

Prior to using your new sod as effectively as before, your sod will need time to develop a strong root system. It’s possible that if your dog walks or runs over recently put sod, some of the sod and its roots may break.

So, if you don’t keep your dog off the fresh sod, you’ll have a decreased chance of getting a nice lawn.

The grass may be chewed by the dog

When a dog is sick or distressed, it will often chew on the grass. As a result, your chances of having an exceptional lawn are diminished. They may naturally nibble on recently put sod.

As a result, if you keep your dog off the grass, you may avoid similar incidents and preserve your lawn in good condition.

How long can I let my dog on the fresh grass until it’s safe to do so?

When the new sod’s root system has fully developed, you may allow your dog out on it. Lifting the sod is a simple way to see whether the roots of your sod are strong enough. Your dog may use the new sod if it takes a long time to grow since the roots are firmly established.

Do you know how to keep your dogs away from the fresh grass?

It’s not as tough as it first seems to keep dogs away from brand-new sod. You just need to put in a little work and time to succeed. By keeping your dogs away from the fresh sod, you can guarantee that it grows properly.

Take a look at the following suggestions for keeping dogs away from brand-new lawns:

Build a temporary fence

One of the best methods to keep your dog away from freshly placed sod is to build a temporary fence around it. You won’t have to worry about your dog destroying or urinating on the freshly put sod if you fence it in.

Steel, net, wood, or plastic may all be used to make a temporary fence in your yard depending on the size of your dogs. Even if you don’t have a permanent fence, you can get a temporary one to keep your dog out of the fresh sod.

Play a variety of different games

Doggy play and walks are essential for a dog’s well-being. They accomplish this by running about in the backyard or front yard. You may take them to the park or on lengthy walks after you’ve laid the fresh sod to get rid of some of their pent-up energy.

That way, kids won’t beg to go on the grass since they’ll be exhausted.

Properly train a dog

To keep your dog away from the fresh sod, you need to teach it to stay away from it. Every time it shows signs of not intending to enter into the new turf, reward it with snacks and affection.

How Long Should I Keep My Dog Off New Sod

How do you put sod without worrying about your dog damaging it?

In order to guarantee the healthy development of your sod, you must lay it in such a manner that it will not be harmed by your dog. The procedure must be started even before buying sod in order to accomplish this goal.

See what you can do to avoid having your dog impact the sod that you’ve laid out for him.

Remove any pre-existing dog urine from the soil by rinsing thoroughly

It’s possible that your dog has been peeing on your grass for a while. When a dog excretes urine, acidic chemicals are released into the soil, raising its pH. In acidic soil, the roots of the sod are unable to thrive. So, before laying the sod, you should thoroughly saturate the soil with water.

Add nutrients to the soil

Your lawn’s soil may lack the minerals necessary for healthy and quick grass growth. So, before putting the sod, you should fertilize the soil. Organic and inorganic fertilizers may both be used to improve the soil.

Sod should be laid properly

Sod should be laid after the soil has been sanitized and fertilized. When laying the sod, take care to line each roll with the one before it and make sure there is no space between the two.

Build a perimeter fence

Make a barrier around the freshly placed sod to keep your dog away. Make or purchase a temporary fence to protect the sod from unwanted visitors.

Is it possible for dogs to urinate or defecate on brand-new turf?

New sod may be irreparably damaged by dogs peeing or pooping in it. The fresh sod’s roots aren’t strong enough to break down the toxic compounds in the dogs’ waste.

A dog’s peeing or pooping on fresh sod means that the vegetation in that area will ultimately die.

How do you fix sod that has been damaged by dog pee or faeces?

Sod repair from dog pee and excrement may be difficult since the grass in that area might be damaged. The pH level in the soil may be balanced in a number of ways to guarantee optimal recovery of the grass.

Ground limestone and water may be applied in the afflicted region. Alternatively, you may properly water the area to remove urine from the sod.


In reading this article you will be able to know how long should I keep my dog off new sod? For the health of the grass, it is imperative that dogs not be allowed on newly laid sod. In around 14 days, the root is normally strong enough to endure the pressure and urine of a dog. As a result, at the very least, you should keep your pet away from the freshly laid sod.

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