Pumpkin Growing Stages

Pumpkin life cycle

The well-known pumpkin is among the most fascinating garden plants to see. Pumpkin growing stages are highlighted and distinct, from the little sprout emerging out of the ground to the lengthy vines spreading quickly to the stunning yellow blossoms opening and the tiny green orbs transforming into big orange globes.

Pumpkin growing stages, from Seed to Harvest

Observing pumpkins mature through their various stages is among the most fun aspects of cultivating them. There are few things more gratifying than sowing seed with the knowledge that it will someday provide sustenance for you. These are the 8 pumpkin growing stages:

Sowing the pumpkin seeds

Pumpkins are born as little more than seeds, like the majority of plants. The pale yellow seed, which is about triangular in shape, has everything a mature plant needs to flourish. It just takes a week or so for the first two leaves to appear when you sow the seeds in warm, wet soil.


After germination, two little green leaves will emerge from the ground. These two leaves are known as sprouts and are not the “true” leaves.

In fact, a lot of people grow these pumpkin sprouts to eat, especially in the winter when fresh greens are harder to come by. Eventually, these tiny plants will develop into pumpkin plants.

A true pumpkin leaf

The sprout will start to produce leaves about a week after it first pops up from the ground. You can tell the difference between true leaves and sprouts by observing the following:

  • The spherical, tiny leaves of sprouts.
  • Between the sprouting leaves, the plant’s true leaves emerge from the core.
  • The leaf colour is a deep green.
  • The edges of the leaves are broken.
  • The leaves will keep growing for a few more weeks. The rest of the plant starts to grow once these first three leaves appear.

Growth and Development of Pumpkin Vines

Almost immediately after the leaves appear, the pumpkin plant starts to expand. The vines extend further and spread out from the plant’s base almost every day. Pumpkin vines have the potential to grow up to six inches (15 centimetres) in length per day under the ideal climate and water conditions.

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The pumpkin vines will suddenly sprout vivid yellow blossoms in the middle of the growing season. The male flowers are the first to bloom. They have a pollen-coated stamen in the centre and stand upright. About ten days after the male pumpkin flowers bloom, the female ones do as well.

pumpkin growing stages

Remember to keep male blooms on the vines until the females have finished closing up. In the absence of both male and female flowers, pollination cannot occur.

Fruit Formation

At the base of the flower, little green fruits will start to form once the female blossoms have closed. When you see these tiny orbs, which are young pumpkins, pollination has been effective.

The newborn pumpkins grow bigger during the following weeks. You will be able to identify it as a pumpkin, although a green one, after a few weeks.

Fruit maturity

The green fruits mature to their full size and start to turn their distinctive orange colour in the final few weeks of the pumpkin growing stages. To prevent the pumpkins from developing green streaks, turn them occasionally so the sun can shine on all sides.

Remember that not all pumpkin varieties are orange. The variety of plants you planted determines the colour.


The pumpkin vines will start to wilt and turn brown at the conclusion of the growing seasons for pumpkins. The pumpkins can now be harvested, and you can enjoy the last phase of their development by eating them!

pumpkin growing stages


To guarantee a hassle-free pumpkin growing experience, be sure to verify the following information before planting:

  • Pumpkin variety
  • Fruit size of the pumpkins
  • Vine reach
  • Duration of the growing season

The ideal seed germination rate is between 80% and 90%.

We hope that this article has provided you with a sneak peek at what’s to come in your adventure of pumpkin cultivation. Gaining more knowledge about pumpkin growing stages gives you an advantage because you’ll be more prepared and less likely to make mistakes.

Please let us know how much pumpkin you were able to harvest this growing season and share your pumpkin-growing experiences in the comments.

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