Companion Plants for Peppers

Companion Plants for Peppers

This article is about the top 10 best companion plants for peppers. Gardeners have long known that certain plants can help each other in the garden, though they haven’t always known why. Companion planting can be used to make your pepper plants grow faster, attract pollinators, or even repel pests. Whatever your goal, you’ll want to choose companion plants carefully to make sure they’re compatible with your pepper plants and with each other. Here are the top 10 best companion plants that will work well alongside peppers in your garden next season.

Companion plants repel pests naturally.

Some plants are known to repel pests and improve plant growth in each other. Carrots, cucumbers, radishes, squash, and Allium family members all do well when grown close to peppers because they keep pests away. Some common companion plants you should consider growing are marigolds, nasturtiums, and tomatoes, which thrive in sunny spots with full sun exposure. Having a green thumb is easier than you think!

Here are the top 10 best companion plants for peppers


Rosemary is a popular herb that does well with peppers because it repels pests and contains antioxidants. Try growing it near peppers to keep pests away. Oregano: Oregano is another herb that repels pests and contains antioxidants like rosemary. Parsley: It’s not a companion plant, but you can use parsley as an edible garnish or in a stir-fry near your peppers, which will help them grow faster by releasing extra nutrients into the soil when they are mixed. Lemongrass: Lemongrass grows fast, resists pests, and attracts pollinators with its sweet aroma—making it an ideal companion plant for any garden, particularly one growing fruit or vegetables.

Top 10 Best Companion Plants for Peppers / rosemary



Planting onions near peppers will help repel bad bugs like aphids, which munch on pepper leaves. Garlic: This tasty bulb is a natural pest deterrent. Plant garlic bulbs around your pepper plants to keep insect pests away. Broccoli: This popular green vegetable has strong anti-fungal properties that it emits into the surrounding soil and helps protect against fungal infections in peppers (and cabbage and other brassicas). Basil: You may have heard that basil keeps mosquitoes away, but it also has anti-fungal properties that keep fungus at bay while encouraging healthy root growth in peppers and tomatoes.

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Garlic has a powerful anti-fungal quality, ideal for planting near peppers. It’s also said to deter pests from devouring plants. Potatoes: The same qualities that make garlic effective against fungi also help fight blight in potatoes and pepper plants. Tomatoes: Garlic can help prevent tomato blight, making it another must-have companion plant for peppers. Onions: Onions produce allyl propyl disulfide, which provides protection against fungal diseases on nearby plants like bell peppers.

Top 10 Best Companion Plants for Peppers / garlic


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Basil is well-known as a companion plant to peppers. Not only does it repel black flies and other insects, but it also improves the pollination of your pepper plants. Grow basil in a pot near your peppers to boost your pepper plants.

Companion Plants for Peppers / basil



Marigolds are a classic companion plant for peppers. Marigolds repel whiteflies, nematodes, and some other insects. They also attract pollinators like bees to your garden. Pairing marigolds with peppers is an excellent way to keep pests in check and get more bang for your buck. Marigold plants usually last a little longer than most flowering plants; you can still get a few weeks of flowers from them even when your peppers have reached maturity. You could even use marigold petals as a garnish!

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Dill is well-known for repelling garden pests. Plant it close to peppers to fend off bugs that like to attack pepper plants, especially beetles and spider mites. Dill leaves are also known to attract butterflies, which will help pollinate your peppers and other plants in your garden. Some varieties of dill can be invasive, so grow them in containers if you’re concerned about the overgrowth.

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In addition to many culinary uses, oregano also repels insects. According to Rodale, certain varieties of oregano work well as companion plants for peppers; research has found that ants hate oregano and will keep away from it if planted nearby. Growing some by your pepper plants may help deter pests and increase production. More specifically, try Italian Oregano (Origanum vulgare ssp hirtum), Greek Oregano (Origanum heracleoticum), or African Blue Oregano (Thymus capitatus).

Top 10 Best Companion Plants for Peppers / oregano



Marigolds can help to deter aphids and other insects, as well as nematodes. It’s a good idea to plant marigolds in peppers and other members of your garden that are likely to be attacked by insects. Keep an eye on your marigold plants for aphids, which will appear initially as tiny dots on leaves and stems. If left unchecked, aphids can quickly spread and destroy a pepper crop. Yellow flowers also add nice color to your garden from late spring into early fall; many choose marigolds over annuals because they have a longer growing season.

Companion Plants for Peppers / merigold



The cucumber is a natural companion plant to peppers, repelling harmful insects and attracting helpful ones. It also attracts fleas away from pepper plants (both are prone to these pests). Cucumbers are easy to grow but take up an adequate space—about five feet square for one vine. If you can’t give them that much room, try planting dwarf varieties. Be sure to water cucumbers generously and regularly; like peppers, they need plenty of water to thrive.

Top 10 Best Companion Plants for Peppers / cucumber



According to Master Gardener Diane M. Berbert, Tomatoes and peppers are good companions because they are both nightshade family members. Tomato plants can repel whiteflies when planted close to peppers. Planting tomatoes with peppers reduces pests and enhances flavor by improving pepper growth and taste. These are the top 10 best companion plants for peppers.

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