Top 5 Best Italian Roses To Grow

Top 5 Best Italian Roses To Grow

There are more than 60 million visitors that visit Italy every year. One of the reasons why this nation attracts so many visitors each year is the lush countryside rich in history and culture.
The practice of cultivating Italian roses in pots on one’s balcony is widespread among Italians. As a result, today we’ll be focusing on Italian roses.
You’ll also see large flower gardens in rural locations, in addition to balconies full of flowers.

In addition, many of these flowers have symbolic meanings of their own, which might range from region to region throughout the world.

Traditional Italian roses


Lilies are one of Italy’s best-known and most popular flowers. Italians give it as gifts to friends and family as a mark of thanks and use it as decorations for different events throughout the year.

Top 5 Best Italian Roses To Grow

Love, morality, and family are some of the things that Italians are most passionate about.

Fun fact: the lily is France’s national flower.

There are many other names for lilies, but the most common ones are Asiatic lilies, stylised lilies, and oriental lilies.

All the hues of the rainbow are represented by one of the lilies’ attributes.

White lilies represent humility and virginity, whereas the Flower of the Valley is a well-known example of an orange lily.

They may reach a height of 6 feet and have 4 to 8 petals per bloom. Asiatic lilies, although not very fragrant, are often cultivated for their aesthetic value and for the extraction of their essential oils.

However, oriental lilies are noted for their scent. Hybrids with a wide range of scents and flower varieties are also available.

Lilies may be grown in a garden or in a container with relative ease.

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Another classic Italian flower is the rose, known as “La Rosa” in Italian. It is also the Italian nation’s flower, bearing the same name.

Roses, like the Lily, may be found in almost every Italian flower garden, and each hue has a particular significance. Red roses are a symbol of passion and love. There are three types of roses: yellow roses, blue roses, and white roses.

Top 5 Best Italian Roses To Grow

Roses are among the most popular flowers in Italy for a variety of events, just as they are in many other countries. It is customary in Italy to give odd-numbered roses to celebrate joyous events and even-numbered flowers to mourn.

The number 12 is the only exception. The desire to spend the rest of one’s life with someone is symbolized by the roses given in 12th.

Roses may be grown in pots on your patio or inside as long as they get adequate sunshine.


Historically referred to as chrysanths or mums, the herbaceous blooming plant chrysanthemums have been around for a long time.

Prior to spreading over the globe, they were found in Europe and Eastern Asia. Many varieties of mums have multi-petaled blooms that come in a variety of colours; the leaves are frequently alternated.

Top 5 Best Italian Roses To Grow

As of today, there are more than 200,000 recognized varieties of the mother-of-pearl.

As a sign of nobility in Chinese culture and around the world, mothers have long been seen as a symbol of happiness and success. If you want to give these flowers to someone in Italy, you’ll have to be cautious.

As a result, they are associated with mourning and death. The Day of the Dead, which occurs on November 2, is marked by the presence of these flowers in Italian flower stores. On this day, Italians visit cemeteries and place chrysanthemums on the graves.

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There are two kinds of moms: the “hardy mums” for the garden and the “display mums.” Since most regions can handle garden hardy mums, they’re a better option if you want to plant some in your garden.

Moms raised for the show are known as exhibition mums. Several chrysanthemum species in Asia are used to brew a unique form of tea in certain regions.

A natural insecticide called pyrethrum is part of the chrysanthemum family.


It’s no surprise that orchids are among the most popular blooming plants since they come in a wide variety of varieties and bloom forms. Orchids, which may be found all over the world, are also a sign of love.

In Italy, orchids come in a variety of hues, and each one has a specific significance. Pureness and affection are symbolized by white orchids and rose orchids, respectively.

Top 5 Best Italian Roses To Grow

When it comes to weddings and anniversaries, orchids are often given as presents. On the other hand, a cream orchid is traditionally given on the 28th wedding anniversary, when the couple has been married for 28 years.

It’s not difficult to grow orchids indoors. You just need a container, some well-drained soil, and a window with a south-facing view to get started.

As a result, they can withstand lower temperatures and indirect sunlight. When watering, ensure sure the soil is completely dry before you begin.

Sunflowers (Girasole)

Sunflowers, one of the best native Italian roses, are a beautiful addition to any garden.

We used to smuggle sunflower seeds from a nearby farm when we were kids and consume them in secret.

Then there was my trip to Italy’s Tuscany area, where I saw enormous swaths of sunflower fields, each with its own unique hue from the setting sun.

Top 5 Best Italian Roses To Grow

In this corner of the world, sunflowers are a way of life, as anybody who’s been there will attest.

Sunflowers are a common economic crop in Italy, but they also serve as a metaphor for the virtues of love, hope, joy, and vitality.

When someone accomplishes a significant life milestone, such as a promotion, the job of their dreams, or even graduation, these cards are ideal presents.


Among the many varieties of flowers that may be found in Italy, these are some of the most well-known Italian roses. For everything Italian, there’s a flower that represents it. Furthermore, they’re stunning and simple to cultivate. So, if you’re interested in bringing flowers into your house for their aesthetic value, scent, and deeper significance, be sure to examine the growth needs and confirm that they are appropriate for your location.

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