10 Tips of How to Keep Fruit Flies Away From Banana

If you’re wondering how to keep fruit flies away from bananas, I’ve got a few ideas. Fruit flies may destroy bananas, so make sure they aren’t present while picking them.
A nuisance, fruit flies are difficult to deal with. When you set bananas or other fruit on the table, you’ll find swarms of them when you open them the following day. Now we discuss how to keep fruit flies away from bananas?

Nature of fruit flies

Flies can enter through holes or windows in the home

Despite what you may think, flies may find their way into your home via any hole. Keeping flies out of your home is easier if you are aware of their entry points as soon as they occur. When the weather is poor, it’s easy to forget to close a window, leading to bug infestations.

Maintain the tightness of your house by installing screens on your windows and doors, as well as on the walls and ceilings. Bug zappers may be used to keep flies away from your bananas or other fruit if you choose.

Flies are drawn to regions where organic food and garbage are present

Organic matter, such as food scraps or fruit trash, attracts flies. Any organic substance that is present will serve as an excellent food source for them. Flies will congregate in areas where organic food and garbage are present.

Because fly larvae lack nerves, they cannot experience emotions such as pain or fear. To help it develop, this little critter makes its way into a neighbouring kitchen’s garbage and finds a place to breathe and consume some organic food. Human food waste and the carcasses of other insects may also attract flies.

Flies thrive in filthy environments

Polluted environments are where flies congregate. They flourish in sewage, waste, and food that has gone bad. Clean and sunny environments are inhospitable to flies. They enjoy unclean, smoky environments.

On the other hand, Flies are drawn to unclean environments and flourish there. Flies thrive in neglected areas, and the more trash that is left about, the more flies will be attracted to the area.

To keep fruit flies out of your bananas, what’s the rationale?

Leaving food out in the open for an extended period might put you at risk for food poisoning from flies, which carry deadly germs. The main problem is how to keep fruit flies away from bananas?

Flies can transport a broad range of pathogens into the body, where they may cause illness or death. It is well-known that flies are capable of spreading infections and other risks. Cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and even rabies are transmitted thanks to them.

Bananas and other fruits that have been exposed to flies or insects may become polluted and infected, making them unfit for human consumption. It has been shown that metropolitan regions have a higher density of flies than rural areas due to the accumulation of garbage.

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Urban factors including density, rapid population expansion, and overcrowding may have a role. In urban regions, flies are more common than in rural ones. Viruses and bacteria are always in the air, and you never know what can land on you and infect you. Keeping your banana and other food clean is vital if you want to minimize the possibility of contamination.

Before eating a banana, be sure you thoroughly wash it. Fly infestations may ruin the quality of your food. Food that has been contaminated by flies is not only unpleasant to eat, but it might also spread disease. A disease might be transmitted fast if flies were smeared with blood, dung, or saliva.

How to Keep Fruit Flies Away From Banana?

There are many ways to get rid of fruit flies. Here are some tips on how to keep fruit flies away from bananas.

How to Keep Fruit Flies Away From Banana

Using pandan leaves as a fly deterrent is a good idea

The simplest way to keep flies away from your bananas is to put a few slices of pandan leaves in the basket with the fruit. The Pandan Fragrance is unappealing to flies, it is true. Not because they don’t like it, but because it makes them ill.

Insects have a strict sense of nausea because of the anaesthetic action of the specific aroma, which is unique to each species of flies. Your bananas will be pest-free thanks to the pandan’s enticing perfume, and they’ll taste great, too.

Cloves may be used to keep flies away

Cloves have a very strong scent that makes them repellent to most insects. The strong scent of cloves can keep flies away from your home.

You need to put a few cloves in a water basin and let them soak for a few hours. As soon as the water has been well combined, the clove scent will permeate the air. Store your bananas or other fruits nearby while they soak.

Combine the juice of one lemon with the juice of one orange

With these two fruits, you’ll be able to keep the flies at bay. Cut the oranges and lemons into little pieces and store them in your fruit storage to get rid of insects.

The flies will flee from your bananas as a result. Fly-repellent properties of apple cider vinegar Using apple cider vinegar to get rid of flies around your fruit while in storage is an inexpensive and efficient method. This is one of the best tip on how to keep fruit flies away from bananas?

Apple cider vinegar and a jar are all you need to get started

Ensure you include air holes in the container so the vinegar scent can reach your bananas and fruits. This is due to the chemical limonene found in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges.

Fleas can’t communicate with one other when they’re around citrus fruits; thus, the citrus fruit is thought to disrupt the waxy material they release called pheromone trails and make the fly’s colony mates too “fragrant.”

Lavender attracts flies

Known for its beauty and enticing aroma, lavender is a popular choice. On the other hand, scientists have delved into the mystery of the flower’s scent.

Insects like mosquitoes and flies are scared of the flower’s poisonous chemicals, which also deters other pests from bothering you. You can keep flies away from your bananas by putting a few sprigs of lavender in the storage room.

Insect-infested regions should be sprayed with salt

Every household has salt, which makes it a universally accessible seasoning. To get rid of flies, sprinkle salt on the often plagued areas.

To keep flies away, use basil leaves

Flies may be deterred with the help of basil leaves. To put it another way, you’re soaking your basil leaves in water to ward off pesky flies, just like that. Don’t forget to replace the basil and water every few days to keep it fresh and effective.

Make a fly trap out of glue

In the war against flies, a glue trap is a well-known tool. Using glue traps to get rid of flies is simple if you follow the proper procedures.

Put some fly glue on a sheet of paper about the same size. On the paper, scatter some organic bait, such as banana pieces, as well. Allow it to sit for a while. Once it settles, the fly will not fly away because of the adhesive.

Ginger is a natural fly deterrent to keep flies out

You may use ginger to keep flies away from your food. Flies won’t bother you if you brew a drink containing ginger, yeast, sugar, and water. Ginger may be used as a natural fly deterrent, but use it sparingly.

Bananas should be kept in the refrigerator or a cool, dry place

Bananas should be kept in a refrigerator or a storage container to avoid fruit pests. Keep the flies away from your meal by using this method.

The conventional stuff will be fresher when you need it and will last longer in the fridge, even if you purchase organic produce at the grocery store.


Fruit flies may be a tremendous pain to deal with, as I’ve discovered firsthand. Fortunately, there are various non-toxic options for dealing with fruit flies.

It’s better to avoid fruit flies in the first place, but if you do happen to spot some, act quickly before they become a much greater issue. These are some tips on how to keep fruit flies away from bananas?

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